General terms - Terms of use for Keyfree app

Grant of license

Subject to the terms of these Terms of Use, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, and revocable

license to install, access, and use the Keyfree app.


Contractual terms

These terms of use do NOT constitute contractual terms for the services provided in the Keyfree app.


Keyfree app and app services

Keyfree app user service is solely to operate digital locks, and manage sharing of access codes in a

safe way. Keyfree app installed on users smart phone will communicate with Keyfree cloud and the

digital lock via a HomeGate device installed at users location. HomeGate must have internet

connection and have electric power supplied.

HomeGate owner has always app administrator privileges. Administrator may manage other user

accounts and assign their privileges - user account types :


• Administrator: complete access to all Keyfree app services

• Member: limited access to Keyfree app services

• Guest: no separate Keyfree app access, but may be assigned access code for digital door lock


Keyfree user account logins require a password selected by the user during Keyfree app installation,

registration and setup. Keyfree app is supported for smart phones with iOS and Android operating

systems, and may be downloaded from Apple Appstore and Google Play. Keyfree app use requires

that the smart phone has an internet connection.

Keyfree app login is required for user to receive push notifications.


GDPR - Registration and processing of your personal data

Keyfree app setup, registration and use require sharing some personal data. This is done in the

Keyfree app directly and entered solely by the user. Keyfree privacy policy defines all such details,

and please find Keyfree Privacy Policy Statement at this URL :


User responsibility

The user responsibility is to provide internet connection for the HomeGate and make sure that the

Keyfree app on the smart phone is also connected to internet.

The user is responsible to select and secure that Keyfree app user account name and/or password

allowing app access is not made available to unauthorized individuals. The user also must ensure that

the app is not misused in any way.

The user must also accept the Keyfree Privacy policy and share the required personal data, otherwise

the Keyfree services can not be provided.


Keyfree operator responsibility

Safe4 Security Group AS is the owner and operator of the Keyfree app, and is responsible for the

Keyfree app services. Safe4 is not responsible for any failures if app system access and

communication is offline due to error in any internet connection.


Contact information

If you have any questions to the use of the services regulated by these Terms of Use, and need more

details and information please see Keyfree web site at :


Keyfree app, Terms of use v.1


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